If you run a company website, or even if you are a personal webmaster starting out on the internet, it can be very difficult knowing whom you should now choose to provide your website promotion, ranking and search engine first page optimization.

Top 10 Ranking Questions

Q: Where can I join Business Best (your brand new 1,500+ top 10 ranking package)?
As soon as you join our Gold, Silver or Bronze promotion package you will have the option to bolt-on the brand new 1,500+ top 10 search engine ranking solution; 'Business Best' which delivers listings in just 5 business days, and utilizes revolutionary techniques to deliver top 10 rankings.
How could make my website business more successful?
We hope to make your website more successful by placing your site in higher ranking positions across global search engines such as Google, Bing, MSN, AOL and Yahoo. We believe that the majority of all people on the internet do not look any further than the first 1-2 pages of search engine result listings when searching for particular sites.
If you are not listed on at least the first or second page you are unlikely to ever get ANY search engine visitors. We attempt to attain top 10 ranking positions for your website (1st page results) on some of the most important search engines on the internet - or your entire fee can be returned in full.
How do I know if my website is already listed, and whether I need your services?
You know your website better than anybody else, and for that reason simply imagine for one moment that you are your own potential customer, and you are using Google to find products available through your website. What keywords or key-phrases would you enter into the search engines to find your website? Simply visit your favorite search engine in order for you to now find your site. Use as many different words or phrases you hope that your customers would be using to find a website such as yours. Is your website listed in the top 10 results? Is it even on the 1st page of this search engine? If it is not, then you can rest assured that we will work as hard as we can to achieve top 3 positions.
Is it really that important to be ranked in the first few pages of Google, Bing & Yahoo?
Google is now a dominating force across the globe, a search engine utilized by millions upon millions of visitors every single day, and across the world. We believe it to be essential that your website is both listed, and ranked at the top of both this search engine as well as that of Yahoo, Bing, Excite and many more. At we work towards your website being ranked in the top 10 of every major search engine as soon as possible, after the search engines have refreshed, or your entire fee would be returned in full. provides top 10 ranking positions for my website, yes?
This is what we aim to achieve, always. In fact we provide a full money back guarantee on your complete satisfaction in the first 28 business days, or if we fail to deliver top rankings for you across the stated global search engines. We believe that no service provider can give an absolute guarantee that they will attain top 10 rankings for your website, as we believe this is impossible. No website promotion service company "owns" the search engines, and it is the search engines that ultimately decide where to place your website after our optimization. We wish to provide you with the knowledge that should we fail in achieving top 10 rankings & should you not be completely satisfied in anyway that we will issue you with a full 100% money-back refund.
Other companies are charging over $600.00's+ for a top 10 ranking. Why are you so cheap?
The answer is simple, and although the process of optimization and promotion is a technical one, some companies may charge more than 3 times that of for several reasons. Perhaps they have over heads to cover, or they may be providing a much different service targeting extreme and highly competitive phrases? We will leave that for you to decide. What we do know however is that there are many good optimization providers across the internet delivering results for their clients. We look to achieve for you by delivering a more rounded 'no-frills', fast-track online promotion solution. By encompassing as many search engines as possible for the most affordable price we look to set ourselves apart from all other providers.
Is the price advertised a yearly fee or a monthly charge?
The price for each of our promotional packages is one time only, and you have the opportunity of continuing with an upgrade solution to maintain the top rankings each and every month. Our upgrade solutions also provide the benefit of allowing you to request that your website be re-optimized monthly to further increase your rankings. You may find some companies charging either a high set-up fee or even obligatory ongoing monthly fees, but not at Our package pricing and associated monthly upgrade solutions are entirely optional, allowing you to choose the most affordable top 10 ranking service.
Does submit to hundreds of search engines, and if not then why not?
Before giving the answer, take a moment to count all of the search engines you know of. Can you count 100? Can you even count 500? No of course you cannot, because the simple truth is that some of these companies may not be submitting your site to 100+ quality search engines. They may well be submitting your site to useless free pages where your site will be lost amongst 100's of others. Ask for a list of these engines and then decide for yourself. This is why submits and lists your website to some of the only search engines that matter, with the added advantage of 48 hour inclusion across many of them.

Be The Best

Search engine marketing and promotion is what we do best, servicing thousands of clients needs in both attaining and sustaining high search engine ranking positions across the internet each and every day.

We receive many letters and emails expressing thanks for the service we provide and our support representatives are touched daily by the kind words of our clients, whether in the USA, UK or further a field. Join with us today.