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You can now upgrade your new laPreya website promotion package to include over 1,500+ top 10 search engine rankings & geo-targeted top 3 positions. If you want to ensure that your site increases both its top 3 & 10 listing positions each and every month, with exclusive monthly reporting on request to ensure you stay right ahead of your competitors, take advantage of our Upgrade Solution 1, completely free of charge.

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# Upgrade Description
1 Monthly Monthly keyword and additional top 10 search engine rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo and every major search engine.
2 Geographical Specify and target whoever and wherever your new customers are. Choose countries, counties, cities or towns to include.
3 Optimization All work will be carried out on your behalf by a laPreya representative within just hours of its completion. We take care of it.
4 ExTreme Attain upto X5 the number of top 3 and top 10 positions you might normally achieve through our Gold, Silver and Bronze plans.